Hexagonal Belts


Double v-belts are recommended for serpentine drives where the power must be transmitted by both, the top and the bottom of the belt.


Excellent flexibility in both direction is very important for such belts, as it is mainly running in agricultural machinery.   



Belt Material NR / SBR
Belt type Wrapped 
Tollerances according to: DIN 2215 / ISO4184 
Cord Polyester
Cover fabric Cotton 
Electric conductivity Suitable for ISO 1813 
Temperature - area max. +70° Celsius 
Wear resistant good
Re-Inforced execution highest Performance 
Max. Speed V/Max
Multi-Type optainable no

AA: 0,24 kg / Meter

BB: 0,40 kg / Meter

CC: 0,60 kg / Meter














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