Ribstar G


ready RibstarIn the general industrial machinery, the belt drive for more compact, multi-functional and more reliable products has been accelerated by using selected materials. "Ribstar", a v-ribbed belt for general industrial use, has finally been developed to provide you the highest quality for your specific application.



Belt Material Chloroprene
Belt type Ground profile
Tollerances according to: MBL - Norm 
Cord Polyester
Cover fabric
Electric conductivity yes
according to Standard: ISO1813 
Temperature - area -30° - +80° Celsius
Wear resistant
Re-Inforced execution
Max. Speed V/Max 45,0 m/s
Multi-Type optainable yes

J: 0,01 kg / Rib-Meter

K: 0,02kg / Rib-Meter

L: 0,04kg / Rib-Meter










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