Classical V-Belts


The most widely used power transmission belts are the classical v-belts.

These belts are available in a standard quality as well as in "RED" quality. Kindly consider, that the norm of the "RED" quality is JIS instead of DIN.

Bareback type is also available. 


Belt Material NR / SBR
Belt type Wrapped
Tollerances according to: DIN 2215 / ISO4184
Cord Polyester
Cover fabric Cotton / Baumwolle 
Electric conductivity Suitable for ISO 1813 
Temperature - area - 40° up to max. +70° Celsius
Wear resistant good
Reinforced execution available "RED"
Max. Speed V/Max 30 m/s
Multi-Type obtainable


Size Range (in inch):

Z: 0,05 kg / Meter

A: 0,12 kg / Meter

B: 0,20 kg / Meter

C: 0,35 kg / Meter

D: 0,65 kg / Meter

E: 1,00 kg / Meter








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