FREESPAN - polyurethane timing belt



The FREESPAN is our thermoplastic polyurethane timing belt with zinc coated steel cords inside. This belt is suitable for synchronous transportation as well as power transmission where an accurate positioning is required. The tension members are parallel to each other to ensure a suitable synchronous drive. This belt is standardized available from stock also with FT (fabric on tooth side), FB (fabric on backside) or FTB (fabric on tooth and backside) as well as standard white without fabric.

For our customer, we are providing the FREESPAN timing belts with cleats in a jointed or per open-meter version. 


Material polyurethane - open end
StandardCord steel cord
Tooth Profile belt T5, AT5, T10, AT10, H5M, H8M, H14M, H, L
Double toothed available? no
Fabric on tooth profile and / or backside 
Temperature - area max. +80° Celsius
Oil resistanz best
Wear resistant best
Electric conductivity no
Special executions available 













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