MegaTorque EX


The MegaTorque EX was developed with shorter tolerances, as usual for timing belts in order to realize a high-level positioning at high speed drive. This timing belt is available with a tooth profile S3M and S5M and is using a nylon fabric on the tooth profile and a high-modulus carbon cord material.

This timing belt is mainly used in robotic systems, linear motion drives and similar applications with the same requirements specification.

Your advantage: best positioning by shorten tolerances by high speed acceleration and deceleration conditions.



Material Synthetic rubber
StandardCord Extra high modulus cord
Tooth Profile belt S3M, S5M
Tolerance according to: MBL
Standard according to: -
Double toothed available? no
Fabric Nylon
Temperature - area -30° - +100° Celsius
Oil resistanz x*
Wear resistant xxx*
Max. Belt speed (m/s) 33
Weight (g/100cm²) MTS3M
20 g
Weight (g/100cm²) MTS5M 29 g
  *x = moderate, xx = good,  xxx = excellent
















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