Timing Belt G (Trapezoidal)


The standard timing belt was developed to fulfill our line-up and is famous for a pricewise solution for power transmission.






Material  Chloroprene
StandardCord  Glasscord
Tooth Profile belt  MXL, XL, L, H, XH, XXH
Tolerance according to:  MBL
Standard according to:  ISO 5296
Double toothed available?  yes
Fabric  Nylon
Temperature - area  -30° - +80° Celsius
Heat resistanz  normal
Wear resistant  normal
Max. Belt speed (m/s)  30
Weight (g/100inch²) MXL  71 g
Weight (g/100inch²) XL  142 g
Weight (g/100inch²) L  206 g
Weight (g/100inch²) H  258 g
Weight (g/100inch²) XH  710 g
Weight (g/100inch²) XXH  1032 g




















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