Uniquely designed curvilinear belt tooth enables the distribution of the load stress uniformly over the entire belt tooth. Innovation in tooth design and advanced synthetic materials give the SuperTorque drives exceptional strength and increased power capacity. SuperTorque timing belts require no lubrication system nor retensioning maintenance, thus reducing initial and maintenance costs.

This belt is available in various special executions like "heat resistance" and "oil-resistance" executions.

This belt is also available as a double-timing belt with an wide-range of available sizes.


Material  Chloroprene
StandardCord  Glasscord
Tooth Profile belt  S2M, S3M, S5M, S8M, S14M
Tolerance according to:  MBL
Standard according to:  ISO13050
Double toothed available?  yes (except S2M)
Fabric  Nylon
Temperature - area  - 30° up to max. +80° Celsius
Oil resistance  good
Wear resistant  good
Special executions  available
Max. Belt speed (m/s)  33
Weight (g/100cm²) S2M  13 g
Weight (g/100cm²) S3M  19 g
Weight (g/100cm²) S5M  34 g
Weight (g/100cm²) S8M  52 g
Weight (g/100cm²) S14M  100 g















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