GigaTorque - CARBON Timing belt


The GigaTorque is developed for high power transmission and heavy duty applications. This timing belt is the strongest belt, you can find on the market and is running on the GT-pulley profile and includes carbon cords for the highest power transmission and a special low-friction fabric in order to realize the highest coefficient of performance. Against the competitors products, our GigaTorque is using a HNBR rubber material for teeth to realize a limited flexibility at the acceleration and deceleration procedures.

This timing belt can be used in each applications where you have to transmit a high torque and have to consider / reduce the installation dimensions.

Your advantage: highest power rating and suitable price level


Material  HNBR
StandardCord  Carbon
Tooth Profile belt  G8M, G14M
Tolerance according to:  MBL
Standard according to:  -
Pulley Profile  Poly Chain GT2
Double toothed available?  no
Fabric  Special low friction fabric
Temperature - area  -30° - +120° Celsius
Oil resistance  xxx*
Wear resistance  xxx*
Special executions  silicon free
Max. Belt speed (m/s)  33
Weight (g/100cm²) G8M  49 g
Weight (g/100cm²) G14M  83 g
  *x = moderate, xx = good,  xxx = excellent














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